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Moving Day! (New site: please note new URL) August 2, 2014

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It’s that time. BlogHer’14 – and Slap Dash Mom – inspired me to finally jump to my own domain, so off I go. 

The new url is, unsurprisingly:

See you on the new server, y’all!


{interlude} November 4, 2011

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Sorry for the radio silence – we lost power for a few days due to the nor’easter and then started gearing up for dd’s 5th bday party. New post coming soon! I PROMISE!!


…and so it begins August 24, 2011

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A couple friends of mine suggested that I start a blog. I’ve done private blogging before, but never public blogging, so we’ll have to see if I can keep up with it. I can make a few promises:

1. I will try to post as many recipes as I can, based on what works for me and/or my family, although I will warn you now that I skew towards crock pot recipes, because they do make life 1000x easier.

2. I may mention things about stuff I do for work, but I don’t talk about my work. I won’t discuss my employer. YES, I have a full-time job, and NO I’m not a mouthpiece for my employer. They’re not associated with my blog and my blog is not associated with them, so let’s all keep it that way, shall we?

3. I do have a family, but I have no particular desire to regale you with all the details of their lives; I’d like for them to have some modicum of privacy. If I speak about them, they will be dh (dear husband), dd (dear daughter) and ds (dear son).

Now, to the stuff I do like and do plan to talk about: cooking (especially crock pot cooking), soccer, random bits of finance, things I do in Excel, movies and music that I’m totally into…in other words, things that are random but that give a general sense of who I am and what I like. If that works for you, fantastic. If not, there are about 1 million other blogs out there that you can gorge on.


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